With a Smile & a Gun is LIVE on KS

Hey readers!

Some of you might be wondering where I’ve been these past month and a half, not posting anything!

Well, turns out preparing for a Kickstarter campaign does not leave a lot of time for writing. At least, now I have this to share:

Click to go to the campaign page!

And with the campaign going live, I have a tiiiiiiny bit more time, and so blog posts will start coming in again, slowly but surely. Let’s be clear: they’ll still be mostly about this game, as it’s the only thing I’ve been thinking about for over six months, but I think there’s a LOT of stuff I’ve learned in the process that would be helpful to others.

So if you’re interested in looking the game up, you can go to WithASmileAndAGun.com to look it up!

Either way, I’ll talk to you later this week!

One thought on “With a Smile & a Gun is LIVE on KS

    i didn`t find an E-Mail contact. So I would please you to contact me. I am from the german boardgame publisher “SpielDas! Verlag” and after a Internet research we are interested to get in contact with you to talk about opportounities to publish “with a simle a gun is live” in Germany and Austria. If you are interested – let us talk. Best Regards Stephan from SpielDas! Verlag. If you want to know more about us, check out our Website.


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