Gattory City

Story by Calvin Wong Tze Loon

There was once a time when peace and justice ruled in Gattory City instead of law and order. But now the cops thump their beats like a heart surgery gone bad, and city hall catches up the overflow with their taxes and ordinances and prohibitions.

The Phlegethon river runs hot all year, its winding fingers choking the districts with all its bleak rot, rising from the banks like a fugue… Good people, ordinary people, driven from their homes by the stench of all the corruption and filth washed into the waters – right into the arms of the Siders.

Northside. Southside. Eastside. Riverside. Four big families who take care of their own and play nice with the other relations. They ply the people with the good things in life – dancing, champagne, non-addictive narcotics. But if city hall can’t get a slice, they try to smash the whole cake.

So the siders feed their tommyguns with bullets still oily from the greased palms who sold them, and fight the monsters who stalk the city. To live in Gattory is to choose a Sider, or give yourself to the mercy of the bluecoats.

If you can’t take the heat in Gattory City, the ravens will have your eyes and the river will take what’s left. But if you can wipe the sweat from your face and seek haven in the underworld of the siders… well, may good things come to you evermore.

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