Navigating the Blog

Blogs are not the best way to hold timeless information. As such, I hope this will help you find your way around this blog by organizing it some.

Game Design

The raison d’être of this blog, and my true passion, is game design. While it’s focused on board and card games, a lot of these thoughts are also applicable to other mediums.

More concrete posts, about tools you can use to improve the games you’re working on.

Designer Diaries
Where I indulge myself and talk about my own designs, and the process behind them.

Talking with other designers to get their insights. Many are in the Roadblock series.

Case Studies
Looking at other games, learning what makes them work, and how to apply them to our own designs. Many in the Unsung mechanism series.

Under The Hood
Where I dig into specific mechanisms, and the levers you can play with to make them work just the way you want.

Campaign Diaries

Before I was a board game designer, and even before I was a board gamer, my first gaming passion was tabletop roleplaying games. Like many others, I started out with Dungeons & Dragons, but have since fallen in love with other systems.

This category is for diaries, where I describe both what happens narratively, and sometimes break away for some introspection about my GMing, both what worked and what didn’t.