With a Smile & a Gun is a two-player dice-drafting and area-majority game set in a fantastical noir reimagining of the Prohibition era. about two rival criminal enterprises compete who control over the shady dealings in nine city districts, through clever manipulation of the game’s fist-clenchingly tight dice drafting action system. Players will have to send the cops in their opponents’ plans, know when to lay low and when to go big, and sometimes, just take the last 4, not because they needed it, but because their opponent did.

With a Smile & a Gun contains:

  • For 2 players, and contains a Robot for solo play (designed by Carla Kopp).
  • 5 minutes to teach, 30 minutes to play.
  • Dice Drafting: be careful, as your opponent gets the dice you don’t use!
  • Area Majority: against not only your opponent, but also the Police.
  • Variable Setup: With various Infusion effects and Shadow characters, each game will be meaningfully different.

If you want to try the game out before the campaign, there is an online version on Tabletopia. You can join our Discord to find opponents quickly!